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How To Use The Bulletin Board Coding (BBC) A.k.a. Adding Images And More

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Author Topic: How To Use The Bulletin Board Coding (BBC) A.k.a. Adding Images And More  (Read 342 times)
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« on: March 17, 2007, 12:24:00 am »

How To Use Bullentin Board Coding (BBC)

This is a compilation of the coding tips made in the Making your first posts, some guidelines thread, where Goldfish (and others [who will be mentioned when I get to their bits]) made tutorials for them.


The most basic 'tags' of BBC are Bold, Underline, Italics and Strikethrough. To give text either of these simple put either a b (Bold), u (Underline), i (Italics) or s (Strikethrough) in square brackets ([]) at the beginning of the text you want to alter, and the same but with a / before the letter (so [/]).

It should look something like this:

[b]Bold[/b], [u]Underline[/u], [i]Italics[/i] and [s]Strikethrough[/s]

You can use more than one BBC at once e.g. Messy, which looks like:


It's usually best to close them in the opposite order that you opened them as I have done above.


The shortcuts to the above are the buttons above the posting box when you click on . They look like this:

When you click them the open and close tag will be inserted wherever you were writing before you pressed it. Meanign you must then go between the brackets and write the text.

Alternatively you can simply highlight the text you want the BBC to effect and it will open and close it for you (keeping it [and the new code] highlighted, allowing you to easily apply multiple codes quickly).

More BBC

Other slightly more complex, yet still simple examples of BBC are Glow () and Shadow (, it's usually best to use the buttons for these and experiment with the numbers, colours etc.

Text Formatiing BBCs

Returning once more to the less complex ones are the alignment BBCs:
Align Left
Align Right

To use these simply put either left, center or right in the square brackets (remembing the / when closing it) around the text you want to align. It should look something like the below:

[left]Align Left[/left]
[right]Align Right[/right]

Or you could use the buttons (Left:, Center: and Right: align)

* Note that center must be spelt the American way for this to work.

The other text changing button, Preformatted () is for when texts you have (usually) copy and pasted from another source has indents etc. already built into it.

Fonts, Size and Colour

Again, these are slightly more complex than Bold etc., requiring you to (most of the time) to alter it even if you press the button.

For size you either type out size=Insert Number Herept inside the opening bracket, and /size in the closing bracket or push the button and alter as neccassry.

For font you either type out font=insert Font Here in the opening bracket and /font in the closing bracket or push the button.

Unfortunately I am not aware how to use the Flash () BBC nor the FTP Link () BBS, so you'll either have to find out from another source or hope someone posts how to.

Images, Links and Emails

To post direct images (like the one in my signature) you simply put an img in the square brackets and inbetween that put the direct link to where the image is stored on the web (there is no way to post images direct from your computer).


Looks like:


You can also alter the size of the image by adding in height=Insert Number Here width=Insert Number Here to the opening tab.

For example:

Looks like:

[IMG height=100 width=100]http://i7.photobucket.com/albums/y269/jaik/UDNoise7copy.jpg[/IMG]

Emails are simple enough, just put email tabs around the email address or use the button.

URL Links are the same, but with url and the web address between them (or using the button), however, like images, there is a more advanced way of using them too.

If you want to have a certain word as the link, rather than the gibberish of the weblink itself them simply and an = to the url and put in the web link, closing the brackets behind, and putting the text next, then closing.

For example:


Would look like: 40konline


Sub/superscript (/ add your text (in smaller writing) either at the bottom or top (sub=bottom, super=top). For example Hi There! and Hi There!.

It's simple to do this, you just use put in sub or sup in the square brackets, depending where you want the text.

Typewriter simply makes your text appear as if it had been written by a type writer. Just but tt in square brackets or push the button to use it.

Quote is the same, simply put quote in square brackets (or use the button) and put the text you want 'Quoted' inbetween.

For example:

[quote]Hi There![/quote]

Would look like:

Hi There!

You can also have who/what you quoted displayed by adding an = to the quote and inserting the name or the person/source.

For example:

[quote=Me]Hi There![/quote]

Would look like:

Quote from: Me
Hi There!

The final BBC is bullet points. They're similar, but not as complicated as tables. You start with a list opening tag to start it, and then, for each bullet point, put li tags inbetween the text you want to be bullet points. You must then use a list closing tag (with a /) to finish it.

For example:


Would look like:

  • Boo
  • Hoo

If you use the button then it will start you off with the opening and closing list and two opened and closed bullet points.

And finally, you may have noticed throughout this there have been lines seperating the sections, this is done with a simple hr in square brackets, there's no need to close it.

For example:


Looks like:

Anyway, I hope I've helped some of you with this, and of course, all credit to the original writers.

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