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1  Creative Writing / The Blackboard / Re: Land of Hope and Glory? - Shadowrun Narrative Game on: April 25, 2007, 11:26:28 pm
Memories of the motherland swarmed through his mind, resurrecting nightmares he prayed would stay dead and buried. Shadows of the past flickered behind his eyes as the grisly visage of the ghouls returned. Their vacant stares still haunted his dreams and no amount of alcohol could stave off the memories. The fickle moment passed and Dimitri regained his composure. He was getting use to dealing with it now, a prospect that deeply appalled him. His bloodshot eyes peered over the rim of the dark shades and met the bodyguard’s inquisitive gaze.

“Dalnegorsk” he whispered and walked away before recognition set in. As he turned a mark upon his neck was exposed by the dim light. Scratches of dark ink formed an ashen skull adorned with raven wings and a familiar vacant stare. As Dimitri turned his back on his countrymen he could feel their eyes on the prison tattoo as if the burning needle was carving into his flesh once more.

He paused within the doorway and took a deep breath, inhaling the warehouse scents of rot and mildew before glance over his shoulder at Johnson.

“I’ll get the job done…even if it kills me”

He gave a low grunt of acknowledgment as Macaulay slapped him on the shoulder. Anyone this eccentric was either the best at what he does or a goddamn liability, Dimitri didn’t care either way. He left the company of the others and headed to his vehicle, accompanied by the shrill beeping of the drone as it scurried after him.
2  Creative Writing / The Blackboard / Re: Land of Hope and Glory? - Shadowrun Narrative Game on: April 25, 2007, 07:14:05 pm
The silent Russian had held his stillness in the gloom burdened shadows. He cared little fore these soldiers of fortune and was content to entertain the whispered thoughts of his mind.

"I'm watching you"

These words had drifted through his vision as the infuriated drone sparked and squaled. The intrusion was discourteous but Dimitri held no expectaions of manners or decency amoung these people. This hacker, this digital locksmith had so easily traversed his intricate web of defences. He was intrigued. The drone settled down and a fleeting smirk graced it's owner's lips. Perhaps this could be intersting after all.

He was torn from his thoughts by the squabble, their shouts pounding in his aching skull. He shifted slightly, the crackled leather of his atire brushing the faded stains that infested the wall. Slipping his hand into the folds of his jacket, Dimitri felt the reassuring touch of cold steel beneath his fingertips. He pushed the revolver aside and withdrew a simple flask and hastily drank the contents.

He sighed and broke his own silence, addressing the others as moisture still glistened on his lips.

"Looks like I'm your designated driver" he remarked with a thick Russian drawl
3  Creative Writing / The Blackboard / Re: Land of Hope and Glory? - Shadowrun Narrative Game on: April 23, 2007, 05:19:48 pm
A faint tapping sounded from beyond the doorway as a trio of metallic legs rapped on the floorboards. Moments later a luminous eye timidly peeked around the doorframe and surveyed the room. Satisfied, the drone scurried through the debris and settled in the shadows.

Uneven footsteps announced the coming of the next runner, the floorboards creaking under his staggered movements. He steadied himself against the wall as his head throbbed with the lingering vengeance of hard liquor. The newcomer cringed and cursed in Russian as his robotic accomplice gave a shrill bleep. He took a few moments to glance around him before deciding if the room didn’t stop spinning he damn well wasn’t going to attempt navigating the mass of toppled furniture. 

Dimitri settled against the wall and closed his bloodshot eyes, though he kept careful watch on the others through his drone’s gaze.
4  Creative Writing / The Blackboard / Re: NRP - Shadowrun Setup on: April 23, 2007, 04:35:06 pm
Ok, how about a winged skull on the back of his neck.

Each feather in the wings represents a victim from the Virus incident while dozens of cracks and fractures line the skull. On closer inspection these cracks converge to form a subtle biohazard symbol on the skulls forehead. Several teeth are missing from the mouth showing the number of years served.

Would that work?
5  Creative Writing / The Blackboard / Re: NRP - Shadowrun Setup on: April 22, 2007, 07:07:21 pm

Dimitri has created a small spider like bot from scavenged parts...

While in Russia Dimitri performed several favours for the Vory, occasionally acquiring vehicles and drones for the mob's chop shops. The machines were disassembled and the most valuable components sold. After these jobs the rigger found himself dwelling on the past and began to distract himself by constructing of a small spider like drone from the left over parts.

The completed drone suffered from a patchy incomplete AI, which Dimitri attempted to repair though a connection. The machine malfunctioned and established a permanent data link to its creator. Dimitir realised that the AI in his drone was attempting to repair the missing segments of code, using his own brainwaves as a template. The result was a behaviour that mimicked his emotional state of mind.

Dimitri was intrigued by his creation and decided not to repair it, appropriately naming it "Glitch".

Glitch emulates human emotion in its behaviour and is more akin to an extension of Dimitri than a second character. It stands below knee height and manoeuvres using an extendable tripod of mechanical legs capable of ascending vertical surfaces. The continuous link with its creator allows Dimitri to see whatever his drone sees essentially acting as a third disembodied eye.  The bot has the capacity for a several forms of survailence including infrared, therma vision and face recognision. To defend itself, Glitch can emit a small electrical charge, it has a limited range of a few inches and is just strong enough to disarm assailants or fry electrical circuits.

Glitch can operate independently if Dimitri is incapacitated, sending it's feedback to a remote blackbox strapped to Dimitri's wrist.
6  Creative Writing / The Blackboard / Re: NRP - Shadowrun Setup on: April 20, 2007, 10:10:58 pm
You know the settings best, which ever you think would be most suitable.
7  Creative Writing / The Blackboard / Re: NRP - Shadowrun Setup on: April 20, 2007, 09:43:33 pm
How about a futuristic version of London?
8  Creative Writing / The Blackboard / Re: NRP - Shadowrun Setup on: April 20, 2007, 08:36:50 pm
Zeta-ImpChem seems to be the best choice given the viral accident. If he has done some work for the Vory then it's possible he has had some dealings with the other comapanies as well, perhaps the ocassional favour for the mob.

Dimitri is a non-magical human so I imagine he isn't on good terms with the meta-humans of Yakut. Maybe a few bad experiences have coloured his perception of all meta-humans, that could make for some interesting conflicts.
9  Creative Writing / The Blackboard / Re: NRP - Shadowrun Setup on: April 20, 2007, 07:57:04 pm
Thanks, i would appriciate the help and those are some very nice additions to the character. Connections with the Russian mob would suit the character nicely.  The accident would have happened in a remote area as only the townfolk were effected, most people only know about it from the media and corporate spin. Which corp would you suggest given the location?

The only contacts I had considered were a few sympathetic co-workers at the corp that believed the accident wasn't his fault. They could help out ocassionally, getting him recent designs and blueprints to keep him uptodate on new lines of vehicles and drones.

Are there specific tattoos used by the Vory or should I just create one?

10  Creative Writing / The Blackboard / Re: NRP - Shadowrun Setup on: April 20, 2007, 06:46:16 pm
Here's my guy I don't know much about the setting but I did a little research and hope you could let me know if this is a plausible character.

Dimitri was born unable to wield magic and has compensated with numerous cybernetic enhancements to augment his reflexes and senses. He became a remote pilot for one of the corporations, using a datajack and Vehicle Control Rig (VCR) to monitor remote drones and transports. A malfunctioning vehicle under Dimitri's control crashed outside a small town. The cargo contained samples of the Krieger strain meta-human virus, exposing the population and turning them into ghouls. The corporation failed to cover up the tragedy and used Dimitir as a scapegoat. His VCR was deactivated and he was imprisoned for negligence. After serving a few years he was released to discover that the general public villified him. Unable to find legitimate work because of his reputation he turned to the shadowrunners. They reactivated his VCR allowing him to join as a rigger.

He is able to give simple commands or "jump into" remote drones and vehicles, giving him control of their senses and abilities. Dimitri has created a small spider like bot from scavenged parts and a simple pet like AI. There is a constant link between him and the bot making it a useful surveillance tool. His advanced reflexes are  above human level but couldn't compete with magic users however his enhanced senses might just give him an edge when needed.

Personality: Dimitir blames the corporation for the ghoul tragedy and prefers to make them the target of his crimes. However there is always a nagging doubt at the back of his mind weather it was his fault. He is self-destructive with a strong anti-authority attitude. All too eager to take on a suicide mission, Dimitri can be a liability but his rigging skills are invaluable to the team. 

Physical Description: Dimitri has an average build that does not convey the enhanced reflexives of his augments. His head is roughly shaved, leaving uneven patches of stubble across his scalp. He often wears an old flight jacket made of scuffed and crackled brown leather. He peers from behind a pair of dark shades, only to conceal the exhausted bloodshot eyes of a man kept awake by nightmares or to hide his alcohol induced hang over.

Let me know if this is ok to start with.
11  Original Writings / Announcements / Re: OW Narrative Role Play on: April 19, 2007, 02:30:28 am
I don't know anything about shadowrun but if you can layout some basic information I’ll give it a try. The same goes for any other setting that has been mentioned.

The reason I suggested Werewolf: The Forsaken is that it doesn’t require in-depth background knowledge. The game takes place in a setting very similar to our own. The players can take on the role of characters that have recently experienced their first change so just like the character, the players are learning about these supernatural secrets for the first time.

If this goes ahead I have a scenario in mind where a group of novice "pups" are guided by a mentor to cleanse a city of wayward ghosts and spirits by night while retaining their human lives during the day. Although they are werewolves they are by no means mindless killers, there are entire tribes (classes) dedicated to diplomats, mages, bards, judges and warriors each with their own unique spiritual "gifts" so there are always several solutions to any problem for a creative player. 

I would really like to give this ago so is there anyone willing to at least give it a try? Even if it doesn’t work out it could at least be an interesting writing challenge.
12  Original Writings / Announcements / Re: OW Narrative Role Play on: April 18, 2007, 04:05:25 am
I know enough about Discworld to join in but don't think I could start one myself.

Werewolf: The Forsaken (WtF) has a rich background and a well established setting, it was designed for storytelling roleplay afterall. I even have a scenario that works well for anyone new to the world of darkness. It's not your typical werewolf mythos either and will have plenty of creative writing opportunites. Would anyone be interested?
13  Original Writings / Announcements / Re: OW Narrative Role Play on: April 17, 2007, 03:46:22 pm
I have been part of a narrative style RPG before and I'd be quite interested if something like that started up here.

Recently I started playing Werewolf: The Forsaken, an RPG game using the New World of Darkness storytelling system. Would anyone be interested in somthing like that here?
14  Original Writings / Announcements / Re: Welcome! on: April 12, 2007, 03:35:27 pm
The new board is looking good. I only posted one story on the last one but i'll try to be more active here. It's been a while since i've done any writing, looking forward to starting up again.

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