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1  Original Writings / Suggestions, Questions & Comments / Re: uhh, what? on: June 27, 2008, 04:32:19 am
Link, por favor?  I think their permissions might of been altered.  I'll check later on.
2  Creative Writing / The Blackboard / Re: The Slightly Random but still good for creative reasons thread. on: May 20, 2008, 12:01:12 am
I've only heard of two things ever blossoming, people and flowers.  Seeing as I don't like either, I really don't care that much.  In the case of flowers, the only good thing that comes from it is pretty colors and faint smells.  People just get bigger, hairier and smellier.  I think I'd prefer to talk about flowers.

I bought a flower for my prom date, for her corsage.  When I picked it up the day of, I looked at it and it looked half dead.  The two main flowers where already curling at the end and looked a bit wilted.  Not really noticeable but not what I had imagined.  What's kind of funny is when I had to order the corsage, the lady kept asking me these questions like 'Oh, what color dress is your date wearing?  What pattern is on it?  Do you want silk or cloth ribbon?'  All these silly things I really don't care about it.  Everytime she asked me something, I looked to my mother, who shrugged.  I then turned back to the botanist, or whatever you'd call her, and shrug myself.  She would say and put down whatever the generic answer is.  My mom thought it would take something like twenty minutes to order, but it took all of five. 

My five are now done and my new word is Bone Marrow.  Ok, two words.
3  Original Writings / Suggestions, Questions & Comments / Re: Stats page on: May 19, 2008, 11:50:12 pm
I would venture to guess that it goes by date joined rather then number of topics started for whatever odd reason.  I couldn't tell you why though.
4  Creative Writing / The Blackboard / Defeat of the Great Heathen Army on: April 13, 2008, 12:49:14 am
First try at a research paper.  Ya know, with actual citations and sources and the like.  That sort of thing.  Suppose I should get use to it for college :p.  Anyways, here it is, along with my works cited.  There's an extra source on the works cited, and I'll get rid of it later.
5  Creative Writing / The Blackboard / Re: Witchfire Trilogy Anyone? on: April 11, 2008, 11:32:20 am
That depends.  Are you familiar with the Iron Kingdoms fluff?  If so, just read the first link and and get a grasp of the rules.  If you don't know much about the iron kingdoms, I suggest you read up on them.  You don't need a great knowledge of it, but try and get the bare bones of the setting.  If you do anything too much out of the setting like making a making a laser gun, I'll let you know.

Glad you're interested in playing!  It will hopefully be a refreshing difference from whatever games you play now.

EDIT: Ok, this ain't going anywheres.  Decided against it, or rather lost a interest in it.  I'm locking this thread.
6  Creative Writing / The Blackboard / Re: Witchfire Trilogy Anyone? on: April 05, 2008, 01:33:05 pm
You'll have levels.  Again, I'm just reporting what I rolled and what got assigned to what.  It won't be arbitrary.

As cool as an ogrun gunmage may sound, it's impossible.  Ogrun's are incapable of arcane magic, only divine.  I'm pretty sure you can't have divine magic gunmages.  Though that would be cool.  Trollkin gunmage might be plausible, but I don't know if they are limited to divine magic only.
7  Creative Writing / The Blackboard / Re: Witchfire Trilogy Anyone? on: April 04, 2008, 11:38:39 am
Hehehe..least it wasn't an ogrun gun mage or something completely implausible.

Anyways, yeah, it really is a I post what happens, give you all a day or two then post the next thing.  I generally have enough free time that I can check back once or twice to do quick replies to short sentences.  It does stretch out the length of the campaign and that's kind of the downfall of the campaign.  But again it's more focused on writing, which probably takes more time then just vaguely describing it in thirty seconds.  I have this thread on subscription, so I get emails everytime there is a reply.  That way I can get back to people quicker.  If I ever need to take off, I'll let all the players know ahead of time that we're taking a pause.

It's fine on the DMing part.  I was really trying to get someone with more experience to do it, so I don't royally screw it up.  Glad to have at least one player.  I might ask that you share some of the character guide with me if I need to know anything out of there.

For stats wise, once you dedicate to a character give me the order you want your stats to be in, highest to lowest.  I'll then assign you your stats and the number of skill points and feats you can select.  Make sense?  So, if you want Str, Wis, Con, Dex, Cha, Int say that and I'll assign each one a stat, with Str being the highest and Int being the lowest.
8  Creative Writing / The Blackboard / Re: Witchfire Trilogy Anyone? on: April 03, 2008, 11:50:27 pm
Ya know, seeing your welcome post and that other new PP member (Ey-something or another) inspired me to start this up again.  Wink  Was waiting till one of you saw this, figured it would get someone there.

DnD online, hmm, how to describe it...  Think focusing on the narration, and discussion.  In essence, writing with roleplaying.  You write out, in a descriptive or narrative manner, what you want to do each round.  Once each person has said what they want to do, I'll post the next bit or tell you the result.  Combat will be a bit vague(sp?), I haven't decided if I want to play out the combat or at least damage with actual dice or kind of decide how it goes on my own.  Leaning toward dice.  In a way, actual rules and dice rolling is pushed a side a little in order to do more narrative roleplay.  Again, figured it would also work on improving writing and story telling techniques.  That make any sense?

I'd love you to join in, even if you know how it goes.  How far did you get in?  I'm guessing completing longest night.  Silly question, I don't suppose you might be interested in running this?  Not to sound like I'm passing the buck, but kind of hesitant to try DM a game I've never even played before.  Besides, I need still need to nab a copy of the Witchfire Trilogy.

So, yeah, can I count on you to join in on this?  Pretty please?
9  Creative Writing / The Blackboard / Witchfire Trilogy Anyone? on: March 29, 2008, 11:02:31 pm
I want to go do some DnD'ing.  I've tried to get into it a couple times, but just never got motivated into doing it.  I want to give it another try, and doing a pseudo-narrative version might be enjoyable.  I also want to do some Iron Kingdoms setting, I'm a huge warmachine/hordes fan.  I figured witchfire trilogy would work fairly well.  So anyone interested in joining?  I think it calls for 4 players, give or take.  If need be, I'm sure I can squeeze some NPC in.  Also, I have never run or  completely played a game of DnD, so I'm going to be kind of green at it.  I also don't own the Witchfire Trilogy yet, and it kind of depends on whether I can find a copy of it.  With 4E coming soon, it might be hard to get my hands on it.

I do own the 3.5 Players Handbook, Monster Manuel, DM Guide and the Monsternomicon 1 (3.5 version of course).

So, who's interested?

If you do want to get in on this, give me a basic character description and the order you want your stats to be in, highest to lowest.

Free online version of DnD 3.5 rules
Iron Kingdom Sample Rules
About the Iron Kingdoms
10  Creative Writing / The Blackboard / Re: The Slightly Random but still good for creative reasons thread. on: March 29, 2008, 10:45:25 pm
Mmm...blitzkrieg.  Ok, I don't really get it that much.  Just like the sound to it, one of those odd, minor war fetishes.  You know, something to make it sound like you know your military tactics.  I honestly don't know how it works, or at least not specifically.  Something about quick, lightnening raids and tanks.  Eh, not that important I suppose.

Ever feel like some sort of stand up comedian while writing these bits.  Kind of gotta make it flow, you know?  You get these little bits where you're just saying 'yadda, yadda, yadda'.  Killing time till the next thing hits you.  I almost want to say 'Uh, and such as, and by the way' in between each point.  Of course, sometimes I just make a random jump from here to there.  There ain't no bridge between blitzkrieg and stand up comedians, unless Hitler hired some joker to stand on his tanks and crack some bad german humor at the french.  Many laughs to be had there.

11  Original Writings / Suggestions, Questions & Comments / Re: Looking for people seeking Asylum. on: March 25, 2008, 01:58:00 am
We have some older banners, but nothing new.  Or at least not since the move.  Here's the old ones.


Should look like:


Should look like this:

Thank you for taking interesting in promoting the site.
12  Original Writings / Creative Discussion / Re: Including Religion on: February 22, 2008, 05:28:43 pm
If it's too long to fit in a single post, just make a second.  Double post is ok if you have a reason for doing so.
13  Original Writings / Creative Discussion / Re: Including Religion on: February 21, 2008, 11:59:46 pm
I'm cool with it.  It's not taboo in any manner.  I'll only step in if a story discussion turns into flaming.  Just remember everyone is entitled to their opinion and respect that.  Otherwise, go ahead.
14  Original Writings / Suggestions, Questions & Comments / Re: Link to a post in a thread on: January 11, 2008, 12:30:05 am
I've just started my SaC Canon thread, and I want to collect an index in the first posts, with links to the posts where I lay out different parts of the setting (history, technology, etc), just to be organised. The thing is, when I put URLs in, the links open in a new window. Is there any way to just make these links take you to a specific post, in the same window?
In BBC script, I do not know.  But check your browser options.  It may be defaulted to open in a new window.
15  Original Writings / Suggestions, Questions & Comments / Re: glowing on: December 28, 2007, 03:17:52 pm
The glow coding is basically highlighting or applying a background color.  The name is a bit misleading.  It's suppose to look that way.
16  Creative Writing / The Blackboard / Re: The Slightly Random but still good for creative reasons thread. on: November 26, 2007, 06:06:29 pm
I have a torn pair of paints.  There is a hole in the knee and everyone feels that they must point that out to me.  Yes, I know I have a hole in my knickers, I didn't notice that.  It's as if they treat me like I don't look at the clothing I wear in the morning.  Maybe they're saying I have a bad sense in fashion. 

I hate people who get obsessed with fashion and have to wear the hot new item.  I watch girls walk around in the middle of summer with fur snow boots.  It puzzles me that those are comfortable in the heat.  Then they go and wear miniskirts till it's only 20 degrees outside. 

I use to be very intolerant of the weather, but now I feel like I'm always cold.  I once shoveled snow in shorts and a t-shirt.  That was fun.

Next word is: shank
17  Creative Writing / Poems / Olde English Poetry on: October 11, 2007, 02:44:11 am
Did this for english class.  We're just wrapping up Beowulf (I command you to read it), and we needed to write a poetry in an old english style.  That meant using two part lines, with two beats each, and the use of alliterations and kennings. (This might help explain it better.)  The 2-2 beat thing isn't always obvious, or even existent.  The beat thing is kind of confusing, because it isn't syllable dependent, but more in how you speak.

The margins are a bit off.  It lines up perfectly in Word, but not here sadly.

Part of this assignment was to tell a story in a heroic style.  I did cooking and eating a steak.  Hmm...steak....

And so    arrived             A certain time            1
The Bull’s flesh            Brings forth
A meal; succulent            Mouth-watering and savory.
Few prepare properly            Taste preserved and protected
Masterly cast forward            The meat-searer cackled with fire   5
Fire spewed skyward            Flesh sizzled scrumptiously
The Meat Hauler flew down         Made his attack from below
Bucked upward soaring         The Bovine Board spun
It landed; juices splattered         Lustfully and joyfully sizzling
The oils sprung forth            Oppressed sapor fountain      10
The flavor soaked flank         Finish, set flat upon
A plate, ready for banquet         Positioned, rested by fork and blade
The Grand Consumer poised         A growling cutthroat person
With fork in his left            While Meat Flayer in other
He lunged forth, controlled no more      Lacerating flesh, cutting meat      15
Juice oozed from his mouth corners      Jubilant **** of meat and chow
Again and again he struck         Anger accelerated his strikes
He jabbed at the piquant steak      Jutting into it with his pronged spear
Slabs of meat were sliced         Slashed into mounds of succulence
The brawl ended, meal conquered      But the enemy’s might continued   20
Oil sprayed across the plate         An ooze slick amongst the pottery
An ally arrived, boastful and thirsty      Arrogantly apt, baked in hot tinder
Serum Drinker rode across the battle      Slicing drudge, razing among bilge
Success, the victory acquired         The scrapper victorious and auspicious
However, the battle was fierce      Hollowed, best in fighting      25
The Rest Table was set; sleep inevitable   Relaxed, the tempered solider set in

18  Creative Writing / Critiques Corner / Re: For the OW Compilation - System Failure on: August 01, 2007, 09:31:50 pm
Very nice.  It was a little fast pace, running from here to there, and then back again.  However, the breaks in the story helped resolve that issue.  The only other issue I found in the story was at the very beginning.
Captain Eric Thompson viewed the monitor on the bridge of the Redemption.  They were closing in on a freighter that had gone silent a few days ago.  They had tracked down the Caravelle by following her planned flight path.  Now in the Legat system, they had found the missing ship.

“What happened to her?”

The Legat system was a small system with only one planet and a series of asteroid belts toward the outer portions of the solar system.  Scientists believed that a cataclysmic event shattered other planets in the system to form the belts.  The system was hazardous to travel through, unless you passed through perpendicular to the plane of the system, passing through it quickly.
I think the line of speech here seems a little out of place.  Switch it and  the last paragraph to make it flow better.
19  Creative Writing / The Blackboard / Re: The Slightly Random but still good for creative reasons thread. on: July 31, 2007, 08:02:17 pm
My cousins like to camp alot.  They spent about two weeks hiking and camping last summer.  They only spent like...50 dollars in gas thanks to their prius.  Hybrid cars seem pretty popular lately.  I'm just waiting for cheap hybrids, or hybrid SUVs.  That's when I think hybrids will really shoot off.  The american public won't be giving up their big trucks anytime soon.  I really can't blame them.  Most suvs are rather comfortable and are definately a family car.

Next word: Red Hot Chili Peppers
20  Creative Writing / The Blackboard / MOVED: Blue star rising on: July 26, 2007, 09:18:24 pm
This topic has been moved to Critiques Corner.  Stories, finished or WIP, belong in the Critiques Board.

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