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NRP - Shadowrun Setup

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Author Topic: NRP - Shadowrun Setup  (Read 1028 times)
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« on: April 20, 2007, 08:23:39 pm »

OK, Russia did not weather the decades very well.  Magic returning allowed most of Eastern Russia to separate into a nation called Yakut, which treats humans as third class citizens.  The hardest hit Russian cities (in human-controlled Russia) are any small city along the Russia-Yakut border, so those would make good spots for the ghoul outbreak.  Most of the old gulags are out that way as well.  As for a corporation responsible, I'll give a a selection from the biggest players...

Saeder-Krupp:  This is the largest of the AAA mega corps and has a really low PR standpoint.  However, they are too big to abolish from the country.  Run by the Great Dragon Lofwyr, SK is a heavy industry company primarily but Lofwyr has his talons into just about every type of business on the globe.  In Russia, they concentrate on raw materials and oil.  Despite the company being German in origin, almost all branches are run by Russians and has some ties to the Kremlin and the UGB (the new KGB...secret police)

Zeta-ImpChem:  This is a large AA corporation that has been in Russia for several decades and has a very good standing.  They deal in pharmaceuticals and medicine on the surface, but also dabble in biological research and chemical plants.

Evo:  This is a second AAA megacorp, with their world HQ in Vladivostok.  They are extremely popular in Russia, but they originally called Japan home, so got off to a late start in Russia.  With the main Russian launchpads now in the nation of Yakut, Evo has rebuilt the Russian space program from top to bottom almost single-handedly and used the Russian platforms to launch the ship that created the first Martian colony.  As a member of the PPG (Pacific Prosperity Group), almost any business imaginable can come through Evo.

My own inclination would be Zeta-ImpChem...they dabble in the right areas of research and have the clout to make the people think they weren't responsible in the use of such a nasty disease.  Both the AAA's are possible as well, since both would have a viral research lab somewhere in their worldwide network.

The Vory are pretty widespread in the world (only really shut out in the orient), so a contact with them is quite useful.
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