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Sol and Centauri (all new!) [light language]

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Author Topic: Sol and Centauri (all new!) [light language]  (Read 661 times)
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« on: June 23, 2007, 04:39:39 pm »

This scene still isn't finished, but I want to get what I've written out there before going away to two weeks (sailing in Greece Wink). So here's the first part ofthe scene. No combat YET. Tongue
Anyway, I like this bit 'cause it's about the characters. I didn't really have a way to introduce them in the middle of a combat scene, so I figured I'd get it out of the way first, then chuck them into a fight.
I don't really give away the fact that they're members of the police, but I'm keeping it that way fr a reason - you'll only find out what they do when Steve starts giving the briefing. Basically, they are meant to be a grassroots police force - they know the people, they know their way around, they have contacts. As opposed to being the holier-than-thou arbiters of justice sitting in the clouds. Well, I mean, they're that, too, when they put on the armour - but they're more effective as a result of having local knowledge. This is supposed to contrast with the role of an army, a force that specialises in fighting other armies. The SCRA fights insurgents, because there are no longer any armies (background that I intend to introduce sometime).
Anyway, on with it.


October 6, 2321 CE

 Harrison Tailor looked over the tray laid with aguym fruit and selected two, dropping them in his shopping bag. They were fresh, carried on the granaryship from Odin just this morning. That was the reason Harrison chose this grocer, the distinctive mark of Odin-grown produce that adorned the shopfront. Twisting the bag shut and slowly pressing the air out of it, he made his way out of the shop, nodding to the proprietor as he passed. A little window at the bottom of his corneo vision informed him that the cost of the fruit had been deducted from his public account. The street was quiet at this time of the morning – Harrison rose habitually at six o’clock, and it was just past seven now. Sunlamps around the city were warming, illuminating the inside of the giant tube that was Jovia. In front of Harrison, the broad walking street curved up, making an immense ring in the distance, and coming down again behind him. The sunlamps placed through the city pointed straight up, providing illumination for those living on the other side of the cylinder. Harrison knew that the entire construction was spinning ponderously along its length, but there was no hint of that inside – if you ignored the fact that the world wrapped around over your head. The initial feeling of claustrophobia that had brooded over Harrison for the first few days he had been here had long since disappeared, but he still half-expected the buildings hanging above him to fall at any second. It was quite a contrast to the black, empty sky of Lune, where he had grown up – on the moon there was nothing but the beautiful Earthrise and an infinity of stars. Here there was a manmade sky with sunlamp stars.
It was a short walk upspin to his apartment. Most people who lived in Jovia stayed in similar residences in Jovia’s seven-storey-thick skin. Only five of those floors had apartments; there was one deck for maintenance and then there were only another few metres before you were in the cold void of space above Jupiter. Access to different apartment blocks were provided by small groups of three elevators, smattered around the city. The apartment was small, but Harrison had never needed much to live off. He tore open the bag of fruit with a strategically placed finger, and dropped them in the sink. He ripped the bag apart, dropping the tatters into the pots of the few plants he cultivated in his free time. The material would degrade by tonight, and fertilise the plants. He busied himself with washing the fruit and watering the plants.
There was a chime as someone touched the panel by the door. Erik stood there, leaning easily against the opposite wall of the corridor. Harrison smiled to his friend, gesturing with a still-damp hand to come in.
   “You coming in today?” Erik asked as he pushed off the wall.
   “Give me some time – it’s a quarter past seven! What time did you bounce out of bed?” Erik shook his head as Harrison closed the door.
   “Just up. Thought I’d drop ‘round here on my way in. As if you need any motivation to come to work.” Harrison held the team’s record for most number of hours spent at the station. Harrison shrugged as he found a towel to dry his hands.
   “What else is there to do with myself? I’m not a crazy scheming prankster like you, which frees up a little time.” Erik slapped him on the back.
   “My friend, find something. You don’t have to be a crazy scheming prankster to have a life.” With a grin he bounded back to the living room and touched the door open.
   “I’m gonna take a jog. See you soon.”
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